About us

Leaders in food and occupational health and safety

Established in 1999 as Africon, Assurecloud is Southern Africa’s largest and most comprehensive food safety, environmental, veterinary, and occupational hygiene laboratory group.

Our goal is to prevent illness and injury caused by occupational hazards and food safety issues by identifying and monitoring risks that may cause disease or other workplace or food-related risk.

Through the strategic acquisition of innovative companies such as Deltamune Laboratories, and SAI Global Africa Assurance (QPRO and SAIGAS), Assurecloud is a global leader in Food Safety and Occupational Health and Safety.

Why choose Assurecloud as your Food and Occupational Health and Safety partner?

Farm to Fork Assurance

Assurecloud has the expertise, tools, and accreditation to enhance food safety at every point of the value chain, from the manufacturing of animal feed, to agricultural best practices, transport and storage. We track how food is handled and stored at the manufacturer and retailer, how it’s prepared in a hospitality or catering environment, and provide testing services for allergens, bacteria, and quality compliance.

Peace of Mind

For over 20 years, leading local and global organisations have trusted Assurecloud to handle their occupational health and food safety testing and training needs. We guarantee confidentiality, impartiality, competency, and responsibility.

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At Assurecloud, we are driven by saving lives, providing meaningful services and creating exceptional experiences within the Food Safety sector. Whether you’re looking for a chance to challenge yourself or to discover new ways of growth, our team is ready to support you along the way.

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