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Food Safety: Microbiology Testing

What does microbiology have to do with food safety? More than you think. It is one of the main aspects of overall testing in South Africa, in fact. Failing to do the...

Food Safety vs Food Quality Compliance Testing: What’s The Difference?

Food quality is commonly confused with food safety. But, while the two are undoubtedly linked to each other, they have some important differences. And, these differe...

An Outline of Food Safety Compliance Audits

As you know, food safety...

Microbiology Lab Food Testing: An Explanation

As you probably know, food safety is of utmost importance if your business is in any way part of the food industry. What many people don’t know is that a microbiolog...

Food Safety South Africa: What You Need To Know

Food safety is a massive responsibility. If you defy food safety requirements, then you may be risking the lives of many people. As such, you need to understand it f...

COVID-19 – making a positive impact on occupational health

It’s not difficult to see COVID-19 as an overwhelmingly negative force. Leaving aside the rate of infection and the global death toll, there’s the complete change to our way of life as well, not to...

The importance of safe sample transport

When it comes to the integrity of samples and specimens, ensuring their safe transport to laboratories and testing facilities is of vital importance. Guaranteeing secure collection, transport and d...

Creating a culture of food safety

Have you ever looked at a plate of food and wondered exactly what goes into making it? More than simply growing, nurturing and rearing the individual ingredients, there’s also the crucial task of e...
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