AssureCloud’s Covid-19 solutions

COVID-19 Surface and environmental testing

AssureCloud is the only entity in South Africa able to carry out surface and environmental sampling for the detection of Coronavirus S gene specific to COVID-19, in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) protocols for health care and public health.

How can you be sure that your work environment is not contaminated?

Results are available within 48 hours, allowing business to take the necessary decontamination measures before reopening for business and exposing staff and customers to risk. Analysis is performed by competent HPCSA registered professionals. Our laboratories meet OIE standards for biosafety and biosecurity, and all testing takes place in a BSL2 testing environment, as recommended by the WHO.


COVID-19 Legal compliance

We can assist both Five Star and non-Five Star system clients to ensure all requirements are met after opening a business.

Contact AssureCloud for:

  • A legal audit
  • A formal risk assessment
  • Evaluation of your OHS/HSE controls

Disinfectant efficacy testing

The spread of disease causing organisms is becoming an ever increasing problem and successful elimination of these organisms is constantly under the spotlight.
AssureCloud is equipped for disinfectant efficacy testing for registration with the NRCS following the guidelines of VC8054:2017.

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Alcohol-based sanitiser testing

With the high demand for alcohol-based disinfectants and hand sanitisers, this has increased the risk of the sale of sub-standard and fake products.

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