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Written by Michelle Tsamba - AssureCloud Team
12 Dec 2022

Over the past few years, the general public has become increasingly aware of what goes into products they’re buying, but how does one ascertain what a product consists of? There’s good reason for product chemistry testing and on the off chance that your product might be contaminated, you could risk your company’s reputation and the general public’s health. 

Assurecloud’s wide range of product chemistry testing capabilities can help mitigate that, as it is crucial that your product is thoroughly tested. This is also required by law, so as part of a seller of food related products’ legal obligations, it has to be able to ensure safety standards are met, and our verification process will, as an example, tell you exactly how much fat, protein or carbohydrates your product contains. 

Our product chemistry analysis encompasses a wide range of criteria, some of the main testing categories and tests include:

    • Nutritional Analysis – what is your product’s nutritional composition? This is critical for regulation compliance and includes:
      • Full Nutritional Labelling according to Reg.146
      • Vitamin Analysis
      • Sodium Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Analysis – Specifically in food, fish and feed for export markets
  • Allergen Testing – to ensure products are tested for all legally required allergens
  • Moisture levels – moisture levels can affect a variety of factors negatively, including shelf-life 
  • Water – water must first be tested and deemed safe for human consumption, most cases this is SANS 241 which specifically tests 4 categories to indicate whether water is safely drinkable
  • Toxic substances – this includes mycotoxin and biotoxin testing. 
  • Chemical compositionSanitiser Alcohol Content Testing

It’s vital that brands test products thoroughly to protect themselves, and their customers against harmful products. 

So how do we do it? Assurecloud’s product chemistry testing laboratories boast some of the best chromatographic and mass spectrometric instruments to ensure the best possible analytical and testing services. We can test physical and chemical parameters to identify components in a variety of  products including food, feed, and water. 

Assurecloud is the leader in specialised product chemistry and food safety testing facilities in South Africa. Get in touch with us today to discuss your product testing requirements.

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