Why Is Nutritional Analysis In Food Important For Businesses?

Written by Michelle Tsamba - AssureCloud Team
13 Sep 2022

Food labels and comprehensive information about what each product contains has gained importance in recent years, as consumers have begun looking for more information about their food

Through nutritional analysis, brands are able to give consumers detailed information – and, by having clear and comprehensive food label content on food, brands are able to build consumer trust in food products and a positive brand reputation for transparency. 

What is nutritional analysis in food, and what elements are measured?

Nutritional analysis in food is the process of assessing the nutritional content of food. As a vital part of analytical chemistry, it provides a range of information that is used by the business to inform consumers about the composition of the food. 

This information includes the nutrients that are commonly used for food labelling purposes – such as energy, protein, carbohydrate and total fat; as well as other micronutrients such as salt and sugar. Nutritional analysis of food is a complex matrix that involves several techniques used to perform nutritional analysis in food, including laboratory analysis, mass spectrometry, and nutrient analysis instrumentation, among others. The overall analysis also tests for contamination of the food, and identifies allergens.

What foods are analysed, and why is nutritional analysis in food important?

Any food product that will be used for consumption – including beverages, meat, sauces, dairy, fruits, and infant food – needs to undergo nutritional analysis. It is important for several reasons, including:

  • Product consistency across geographies and batches
  • Better quality assurance of the product
  • Identifying contamination and allergens
  • Assisting consumers in making product choices based on the nutritional analysis and composition
  • Adhering to the laws related to food composition

Nutritional analysis in food: increasingly important for businesses

In order to adhere to the laws that govern food safety, businesses are increasingly required to test foods extensively. Partnering with an expert with state-of-the-art chemical laboratories – such as Assurecloud – will ensure that your food testing is done efficiently and effectively ensuring that the information shared with consumers is accurate.

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